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Interview with Dalia Mattioni, Research Associate - FOODTRAILS project - School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University) and  Pilar Santacoloma, Agri-food Systems Officer, FAO.

Interviewees explain how retail food policies can impact favourably the food environment and help improving diets, not undermining retailers’ or restaurants’ economic viability.

They also describe how government can support innovative sustainable markets and play an important role in backing local food systems initiatives by providing policy legitimacy, infrastructure and logistic support to multiple stakeholders and hence encourage sustainable agricultural practices.

 The potential created by the use of new technologies, particularly digitalization, is discussed, as possible efficient tool that might help to expand the market demand and supply. These are complementary to social and institutional innovations.

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Mattioni Dalia

chercheuse associée - projet FOODTRAILS - École de géographie et de planification, Université de Cardiff

Santacoloma Pilar

Agri-food Systems Officer , FAO