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In this paper an approach for the real time optimal control of vehicles with more than one source for providing traction power (e.g. HEVs) is presented. After a short classification of existing approaches and their respective characteristics the new modular concept as a combination of two algorithms is introduced. For the basic online management an equivalent consumption minimization strategy (ECMS) is implemented. The adaption towards changing driving conditions is realized by an independent calculation and adjustment of the main decision criterion of the ECMS towards the predicted operational profile using a calculation time optimized dynamic programming approach.


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électromagnétismeénergieénergie renouvelableenvironnementindustrieinnovationperspective énergétiquepollutionqualité de l'airressources énergétiquestransportvoitureTransports terrestres. Transports routiersenvironnementRessources naturelles et énergie