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This module introduces an overview of plant structure and production models, underlying the following aspects:

- Plant growth results from two processes: the structure establishment (plant architecture), and its components size increase (biomass production)

- The structure establishment results from a space conquer strategy, which can be described by botanical architectural concepts and simulated by computerized rules

- The biomass production results from leaf functioning and can be modelled by compartment dynamic models

- Modelling both structural and functional aspects defines structural functional models

- In the GreenLab model, at each growth cycle, the organs compete for biomass stored in a common pool. All organs of same age and same morphological stage share the same fate. This model can thus be efficiently factorized, expressed by mathematical equations, and can then be easily reversed

- A wide range of applications may rise from structural functional plant models, from simple 3D representations issued by computational approaches up to agronomical optimization, using model reversion.

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