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Satisfying our essential needs while breaking with the dominant linear logic of "extracting, manufacturing, consuming, throwing" that generates an irrational exploitation of the resources of our planet and a deep disruption of the biosphere system: here is the objective of the circular economy.

Its ambition is to foster lower consumption and production patterns, which, with equal service, reduce the quantities of materials and energies put into circulation, while relying on those resulting from reuse of products throughout their life cycle or their final recycling.

This course, under the scientific responsibility of Dominique Bourg (University of Lausanne), will give you the keys to understand the fundamentals, areas of action and conditions for a successful circular economy.



  • Bac+3
  • Bac+4
  • Bac+5


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  • Gestion des ressources naturelles
  • Institutions, acteurs, sociétés et territoires


  • Gestion des déchets
  • Gestion de la nature et de la biodiversité

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Dominique Bourg

Sabine Barles

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Jean-Claude Lévy

Vincent Aurez

Béatrice Bellini

Frédérique Vincent

François Grosse


Sandrine Gombert-Courvoisier

Alain Geldron

Anne-Sophie Novel

Cyril Adoue

Laure Rondeau

Daniel Lemarchand

Rémi Beulque

Eric Fromant

Eric Buffo

Elsa Causse